House WIFE or 6 Figure Boss we can TRAVEL TOGETHER!
Hi Ladies and WELCOME! I created We Travel and What Not to create opportunities for women of ALL income brackets to be able to afford LUXURY trips! Sometimes we don't have friends that LOVE to travel, the great thing about THIS GROUP is you don't have to know a soul; We are ALL here to explore the world, TOGETHER! Once your deposit is paid, you have 12 months to pay your trip off (airline tickets are NOT included).
Trips are set up for success for each traveler to feel SAFE,
informed, and included!
House Keeping Rules for Traveling with "We travel and What Not"
  1. We are a group of women that may or may NOT know each other, our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable, have a GREAT time and be SAFE! Respect one another AT ALL TIMES!
  2. Anyone not traveling with OUR group is NEVER welcomed to the location in which we are residing for the duration of our trip. (So ladies, if you meet a little friend while traveling, that's your business (lol) go to them, they CAN NOT come to our residence)
  3. We are ALL adults and are expected to conduct ourselves accordingly, SAFETY is priority and everyone is responsible for themselves. Please do NOT consume more of ANYTHING than you can handle. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their time while traveling.
  4. Ensure you join the WhatsApp group that will be created for THIS specific trip for safety reasons and so we can all communicate any changes.
  5. YOU are responsible for booking your OWN transportation, I will share resources that you are welcome to use closer to the time.
  6. THIS trip is YOUR OWN, so plan it YOUR WAY- if you want to fill it with activities, DO IT! But if you want to do nothing and relax, DO IT! Make it whatever you want it to be.
  7. LASTLY, HAVE FUN and get to know your roommate in advance, please look for a VIRTUAL meet and greet in a few months, it will be posted here in the group.
If you have ANY questions or concerns DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to me DIRECTLY, thank you!
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Join our PRIVATE Facebook Group: We Travel & What Not | (210) 417-8838 -TEXT
NOTE: If you book online through this site it's ONLY for the deposit we will contact you for the balance of your trip and further details, thank you.